Phonize Announces New Strategy and New AI Blockchain Platform





Palo Alto, CA , The Phonize Platform, enables current users to experience new exciting social features and see upcoming advanced functionality.

“It’s truly amazing, with the same loved user experience,” Alice Agren, Sales Director Phonize.

The company will be implementing its new strategy and is continuing the development of e-learning with a completely new platform based on blockchain, a decentralized database, or “digital ledger”, of transactions on the public network. It has plans to deploy it commercially with several new very big institutions as before, but also outside of the USA. It will also enable its customer to pay in cryptocurrencies. Once fully converted to blockchain, the Company has a billion-dollar opportunity to build a global service on its AI Training Platform that can scale to every content provider and connect to every examining body for every company and every university or school, in every country.

The Company aims to be the premier global learning platform for all education and corporate training, bringing education to billions around the world through fun, immersive gamified learning and advanced machine learning that accelerates the learning process and standard. The Company believes that education can change the world by empowering individuals to gain the knowledge, skills and capabilities that will allow them to succeed and improve their lives – therefore helping global communities to thrive. Phonize’s centralized ledger of coursework and open access to accreditation bodies and higher education will help to validate the completion of formal certifications and even MOOCs certifications. Organizations of all sectors and sizes, from non-profit organizations to international financial and pharmaceutical corporations and everywhere in between, will be able to provide convenient, quality training and education to their employees and students, anywhere in the world, on Smart Phones. A user can simply open the app and choose a course from among the courses available on the platform. After selecting a course, a new smart contract is automatically created that will be signed by both the user and the content provider. This smart contract will consist of the financial transaction and user’s digital ID.While the user is taking the chosen course, and passes tests and exams, his results are written and stored on the blockchain. This will allow them to easily provide their certifications to future employers or educational institutions, as well as protect potential employers and institutions from receiving incorrect information about an employee or student’s passed exams, skills and so on.

Global Partners see the benefit of smart contracts accelerating collaborative working and protecting intellectual property within the Phonize ecosystem. Jim Fox from one of Phonize’s leading content provider, working on content for corporate training and education, says “it process with certifying authorities such as the SEC and FDA and leading University brands will become much easier, Jim is testing the new Platform on all desktop computers and mobile devices on their worldwide network.

“The Blockchain is all behind the scenes to avoid staff re-training,” said, Jim Fox. “The huge benefits brought by blockchain helps speeding-up completing the training content with experts and certifiers so that it can be made available to public users.”

The New Platform will be widely available in 2019 after customer testing

The Platform is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Phonize’ s commitment to reduce costs and administration to make certified-training available to public at much faster and cheaper rates.

Established in 2014, Phonize is a worldwide leader in mobile and computer based Certified-Training. The company offers a wide range of products and services in the domain of compliance training and big brand education, the courses are always certified by authorities and big brand content owners and providers, users mostly access materials via smartphones.

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