What is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) helps manage a company’s learning activities and competencies. It allows you to load content (courses, tests, resources), specify who receives what content, and tracks and reports on its use.

What type of content can be loaded and delivered by the system?

You load stand-alone files directly, such as word documents, videos, audio files and images.  Courses can also be created in the Phonize authoring system.  No special software or experience is needed.  If you can type a document in word, you can create a course on the Phonize system.

Does Phonize offer content creation services?

Phonize has partnered with several great content developer, compliance and training companies to help our clients with content development and conversion.   Pre-designed courses are also available in the Phonize Partner Portal.  Courses like New Loan Officer Training, Fair Lending, AML are just a few of the compliance courses available.  Courses are simply purchased and then added to your Phonize system.

How is Phonize priced?

Phonize is priced for both an individual user and a company.

Individual users can purchase courses through the Phonize Partner Portal and complete them on their desktop, mobile or iPad.

Company users can purchase the system and create their own courses for their staff, customers and business partners.  Pricing is based on the number of users a company has.

Companies can also purchase courses in the Phonize Partner Portal for their employees to take.  Courses are charged per user or for enterprise clients.  Please contact us directly for Enterprise clients.

What is a course? Can my course contain several modules and an exam?

We define a course as an activity that can be delivered to a learner. Courses show up in the learner’s training plan.

Yes, courses can contain a number of modules or can contain just one module so they can vary greatly in size.

How long can learners access a course once it has been started?

After starting a course, learners can resume or retake course content as many times as they wish within a one year period at no additional charge.

What kind of support is included?


Phonize’s support team is here to help you be successful at your business. We’ll help you get your account up and running as quickly as possible. We’ll help you configure your account, provide guidance on best practices for managing your content, and provide expert assistance to help you get all the benefits of using the Phonize system.


You are responsible for creating your content using the authoring tool of your choice, creating accounts for your clients, and providing end user support to your client community. Should you encounter an issue you can’t solve, we’re here to back you up working with you and your client to resolve the problem.

Is any training on the system included?

We do not have a specific budgeted number of hours for the initial training. Our expectation is that we’re going to help one person at your organization get up to speed on the tasks that you need to accomplish and then they’ll do the same for others.

We’ve put a lot of effort into making the system simple to use and our experience has been that most people are able to pick up and run with it without any formal training.

Can we install Phonize on our own server?

We don’t offer an installable version of Phonize. It is only available as a hosted service. We maintain the servers, the security, all the updates and improvements so you don’t have to worry about anything.