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First mobile game-like compliance training platform, designed by mortgage industry training expert, with a complete TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) training curriculum created exclusively by Strategic Compliance Partners (SCP). By partnering with SCP, a leader in mortgage compliance consulting, Phonize Learning TRID Training combines a comprehensive compliance curriculum with leading technology which engages students to learn and master the content faster with greater understanding.

About Strategic Compliance Partners (SCP) – A Leader in Mortgage Compliance Consulting

SCP_LOGO_FINAL_HI-RESStrategic Compliance Partners provides a total compliance solution for lenders of all sizes. SCP’s consultants and attorneys are experts in the field of mortgage compliance, and offer full-service outsourced, compliance management, all at a highly affordable and efficient price.

SCP’s TRID training curriculum, created exclusively for the Phonize training platform, is updated in real-time for students to stay current and up-to-date with all TRID regulations in order to meet CFPB compliance requirements. For more information, go to www.StrategicCompliancePartners.com

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For the first time since the implementation of RESPA in 1974, the housing industry will see changes that impact every provider of settlement services. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, under Dodd-Frank, has issued new guidelines for disclosures under the TILA and RESPA. The integrated disclosure forms (TRID) are required to be in place. These changes are more significant than simply substituting one form for another.


Phonize Learning TRID Training

Phonize Learning TRID Training is delivered online through the Phonize Learning Platform. The entire course is priced per user and includes various modules delivered in a convenient and cost effective way to train any size organization.

These interactive courses provide a comprehensive introduction to the required TRID forms and general implementation requirements. Any number of employees within your company can access each course. It is untimed and does not count towards CE hours.


Phonize Learning Tracks

The Phonize Learning TRID course is offered as either an Operations Track for your operations staff or a Sales Track for your sales staff. The Sales Track will focus on what your front end staff needs to know about the new requirements like the definition of application, timing requirements for initial disclosures as well as important timing requirements for the Closing Disclosure. The Operations Track will include operational requirements of the new regulation including post-closing and record keeping requirements. Both tracks include complete instructions on completing the new disclosures.

All in One PHONIZE for Trid Training Success

The objective of this course is to provide users with the tools and knowledge to complete the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure process, while understanding the changes and requirements related to their job function. The course is presented in modules so that the user can review information in a particular area as it is needed.


  1. Introduction

  2. Highlights – What are the major changes?

  3. Effective Date

  4. What Loans are Included?

  5. What are the New Forms?

  6. Brokering Loans Overview

  7. Requirements for Pre-qual and Application

  8. Business Day Definitions

  9. Timing Requirements

  10. Good Faith Estimates and Imposing Fees

  11. Intent to Proceed

  12. Consummation

  13. Shopping for Settlement Providers

  14. Limitations on Imposing a Fee

  15. Fee Tolerances

  16. Rate Locks

  17. Special Information Booklet

  18. Changed Circumstances

  19. Completing the Loan Estimate

  20. Completing the Closing Disclosure

  21. Post-closing

  22. Record keeping

  23. Penalty for Non-Compliance

Phonize, Inc. is transforming enterprise compliance training into playbooks for the mobile workforce. For the first time a digital training system, Phonize Learning,™ provides one to one training to millions on a mobile device. More than 100 of the nation’s leading mortgage bankers and partners like American Pacific Mortgage, Fidelity National Title, FirstFunding, LeaderOne and Plaza Home Mortgage are adopting Phonize Learning as a cost-effective and engaging solution for TRID Training.


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