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PHONIZE™ Helps Your Workforce Perform at the Top of their Game

PHONIZE™ allows you to engage your people to enjoy achieving compliance training goals at home or on the go. Its mobile-game-like experience transforms costly and difficult to manage compliance and critical training into playbooks for success. PHONIZE empowers you to demonstrate successful completion of required examinations for new industry rules, meet compliance deadlines, and avoid regulator fines. Training mandates can be carried out anytime, anywhere without costly and ineffective classroom settings. PHONIZE is fully gamified to train users with simulations (PHONIZE) of three minutes or less, and is optimized for concept mastery, retention, remediation and effectiveness

  • Effective interactive learning environments are scalable and based on engagement through mini-lesson series for optimum training performance
  • Flexible web-based and mobile platform empowers your employees and partners to play, learn, engage and achieve compliance goals, anytime, anywhere
  • Powerful and fully auditable data analytics help you to track training performance and progress toward full compatibility with compliance training metrics
  • At-a-glance- behavior profiling through artificial intelligence enables you to coach your employees to be at the top of their game
  • 16X Faster to deploy content than with traditional platforms
  • Secure cloud storage with redundant back up systems
  • Customizable with an open API and access to a large library of regulatory content
  • Easy to use standardized content that is organized in a Learning Management System (LMS) format, compliant with Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).
  • Award-winning game engine empowers your education managers to develop and deploy content with built in authoring tools