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For The First Time, PHONIZE™ Offers You The Power To Deliver One-to-one Training To Millions,
Anytime, Anywhere.

PHONIZE Is A Complete System For Managers To Level Up Training On A Smartphone Or Tablet — With Courseware Designed By Industry Experts.


Now, it’s easy for companies to create and deliver digital training online or as an app to their staff. The built-in authoring tool makes it simple and is 16x faster than traditional systems.  Your teams can easily get training anytime, anywhere in a way that is individualized, intelligent, social, fast and fun.


Now, companies can deliver digital training online or as an app to their staff. Professionals can train anytime, anywhere in a way that is individualized, intelligent, social, fast and fun. The platform offers three-minute mini training sessions with feedback, and game-like capabilities for an individual to compete with other team members and earn rewards as progress is made. The solution offers managers a quick and easy way to get reporting on an individual’s progress and compare with other staff performance.


Imagine a training where, instead of human widgets all sitting obediently in their rows, trying to consume particle-board-dry information, there is dynamism.  Imagine the energy in your company when new hires feel empowered to contribute to a training, are given a chance to express some ownership, and thus find a deeper meaning for themselves than just the acquisition of facts. Imagine that these trainings take place in a fraction of the time of the old-school model. They are attended on mobile devices, giving employees the creativity and flexibility they need to perform at the top of their game.

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“PHONIZE is exciting to us for two primary reasons; one it is a new method to deliver training in a fun, engaging and interactive way and two it provides us with a means to quickly develop, change and provide training to a mobile client base. This is critical now more than ever given the implementation of the new TILA/RESPA integrated disclosure next year.”

—Fidelity National Financial | “…Training and educating our partners in an engaging and measurable platform provides a shorter transition time through the regulatory compliance changes of our industry…”


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Angela Bazigos, chief compliance officer at Phonize Inc., which offers mobile compliance training…


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Don’t wait to start talking about the upcoming TRID changes with your referral partners…


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For the first time since the implementation of RESPA in 1974, the housing industry will see changes…