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Reasons to Choose PHONIZE Social Training Platform for the Mobile Workforce


If you hold and process information about your clients, employees or suppliers, you are legally obliged to protect that information. Under the Data Protection Act, you must:

  • only collect information that you need for a specific purpose;
  • keep it secure;
  • ensure it is relevant and up to date;
  • only hold as much as you need, and only for as long as you need it; and
  • allow the subject of the information to see it on request.

The life sciences industry thrives on innovation and technological advances. Keeping employees, management and the Board up to speed on changes in industry best practices and other developments has been challenging but doesn’t need to be unwieldy anymore. PHONIZE and our industry training experts have already done the heavy lifting of developing effective training on a platform, that for the first time, can reach all of your stakeholders, partners, employees and investors–all with a few clicks on their mobile device of choice. With easy Word-like authoring for instant course updates and deployment and secure centralized reporting access, PHONIZE offers next generation compliance training system capabilities for companies like yours.

Our mission is to help life sciences companies reach their entire workforce and supply chain with individualized learning and tracking capabilities. That’s how PHONIZE is shaping the future of training for companies in medical devices manufacturing and servicing, pharmaceutical companies, biotech, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Training supports strategic growth. Compliance training ensures your medical device, biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies are effectively managing time to market and other strategic goals including the following:

•    Facilitate innovation and drive greater operational efficiency
•    Conserve capital and support acquisitions and divestitures
•    Integrate quality functions into core business processes
•    Manage supply chain planning and optimize distribution
•    Reduce the risk of non-compliance

 PHONIZE™ is the World’s Easiest to Use Mobile & Social HR Talent Development Platform