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Reasons to Choose PHONIZE Social Training Platform for the Mobile Workforce


Life sciences companies are committed to innovation, product quality and patient safety, but a rapidly changing and tightening regulatory environment, global manufacturing and distribution, increasing cost pressures and supply chain complexities bring new challenges even as you read this. Emerging global markets, quality initiatives, and increasing mergers and acquisitions activity add to the complexity of meeting compliance in life sciences manufacturing and distribution.

Effective, ongoing training is a crucial part of meeting the regulatory requirements across local, regional and global supply chains. Training is essential for running a successful and profitable company; in fact we believe compliance training drives strategic advantage. 

The life sciences industry thrives on innovation and technological advances. Keeping employees, management and the Board up to speed on changes in industry best practices and other developments has been challenging but doesn’t need to be unwieldy anymore. PHONIZE and our industry training experts have already done the heavy lifting of developing effective training on a platform, that for the first time, can reach all of your stakeholders, partners, employees and investors–all with a few clicks on their mobile device of choice. With easy Word-like authoring for instant course updates and deployment and secure centralized reporting access, PHONIZE offers next generation compliance training system capabilities for companies like yours.

Our mission is to help life sciences companies reach their entire workforce and supply chain with individualized learning and tracking capabilities. That’s how PHONIZE is shaping the future of training for companies in medical devices manufacturing and servicing, pharmaceutical companies, biotech, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Training supports strategic growth. Compliance training ensures your medical device, biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies are effectively managing time to market and other strategic goals including the following:

•    Facilitate innovation and drive greater operational efficiency
•    Conserve capital and support acquisitions and divestitures
•    Integrate quality functions into core business processes
•    Manage supply chain planning and optimize distribution
•    Reduce the risk of non-compliance

New Hire Training

Give your employees, vendors and partners a training platform that’s social, easy, fast and fun. Designed for the 2020 workforce today.


Author, deliver and measure training faster, automate certifications and get the reporting you need.

Talent Development

Give your teams the career ladders they desire with mentoring made easy, fast and fun. With game-like training designed to appeal to Millennials and the rest of us.

Socially Oriented

Socially interactive performance rating for individuals by team members.

PHONIZE is a Complete System for Managers to Level Up Leadership, Skill Building, & Training on a Smartphone or Tablet
with Courses from Industry Experts.


Now, it’s easy for you and your company to create and deliver digital training online or as an app to your staff. The built-in authoring tool makes it simple and is 16x faster than traditional systems. Your teams can easily get training anytime, anywhere in a way that is individualized, intelligent, social, fast and fun.


The PHONIZE platform offers three-minute mini training sessions with feedback, and game-like capabilities for an individual to compete with other team members and earn rewards as progress is made. The solution offers managers a quick and easy way to get reporting on an individual’s progress and compare with other staff performance.

Social with Yu-Kai Chou's Gamification Framework

Employing Octalysis gamification framework created by the world’s top enterprise expert, PHONIZE is designed to optimize engagement and social interaction.

PHONIZE is the World’s Easiest to Use Mobile & Social Enterprise Talent Development Platform 

PHONIZE is the World’s Easiest to Use Mobile & Social Enterprise Talent Development Platform