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Harassment…It’s Not Just Sexual Anymore Many people are under the mistaken belief that only sexual harassment is against the law. They read the salacious headlines, and because of sexual intrigue these cases may garner more attention. However; harassment cases can arise in many other areas.

The question is: if a co-worker is a jerk to you at work; could they be sued for it? The answer is a resounding “maybe”. Merely being a jerk to someone does not mean that they have committed harassment as the law defines that term. However, their conduct might be found to have violated a workplace policy. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is really at the heart of state and federal laws prohibiting harassment in the workplace.

The purpose of this course is to cover various harassment conduct, laws, requirements and what you can do to protect yourself and your co-workers. The objective of the course is to provide users with the tools and knowledge to understand the laws and regulations regarding harassment in the workplace. The course is presented in modules so that the user can go back and review information in a particular area as it is needed.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the words and actions that constitute harassment.
  • Understand what the law says about harassment.
  • Implement anti-harassment policies.
  • Educate employees and develop anti-harassment policies.
  • Discuss employer and employee’s rights and responsibilities.
  • Address accusations of harassment.
  • Apply proper mediation procedures.
  • Deal with the aftermath of harassment.

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PHONIZE is the World’s Easiest to Use Mobile & Social Enterprise Talent Development Platform