Old Vs. New

Out With the Old & In With the New: TRID Training doesn’t have to be a bore

Get started now with an effective and proven training program that’s actually fun, fast and easy to use.

Phonize Learning is a deeply engaging online course with gamification. Yes it makes TRID training a piece of cake––and it’s fully certified by Strategic Compliance Partners, a leading mortgage banking compliance company. Phonize has designed easy to digest, mini courses that you can complete in quick sprints to build up your TRID Compliance. Plus you can demonstrate that are on the right track for training, should anyone ask, with proof of preparedness.

For a limited time you can get on board with Phonize Learning for $25 per person.

“PHONIZE is designed to address TRID details and have fun while doing so,” said Jim Dunkerley, CEO of FirstFunding. “I’m developing additional courses for the Phonize Learning platform for my partners and colleagues to literally “play” while they train. Phonize Learning is fun, fast and mobile and the price is right!”

-Jim Dunkerley

Course Overview

·         Overview of the new TILA/RESPA rule
·         How these changes will dramatically lengthen the sales timelines
·         Positive changes for mortgage brokers and disclosures
·         Pre-application requirements and what this means for the pre-approval process
·         Application strategies
·         Imposing Fees: what, when and how
·         Increased mandatory waiting periods
·         Rule changes regarding the definition of “Business Days”
·         Delivery receipt confirmation for different delivery methods
·         Required change tolerances, limitations and timeline impact
·         Pro-active planning to incorporate these changes
·         How to educate the community on what to do about these changes.

Phonize Learning is the first mobile game-like compliance training platform with a complete TRID training curriculum, designed by Bell and leading industry partners.

SIGN UP now to receive the complete course for $25 until October 3, 2015.

PHONIZE SVP e-Learning   Trains Mortgage Originators on TRID Change
PHONIZE SVP e-Learning Trains Mortgage Originators on TRID Change

Contact Heidi.deishl@phonize.com or call (571) 201-0579 to get started with Phonize Learning’s TRID compliance course.

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