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PHONIZE™ PartnerPlus offers strategic partnerships with premier training providers across industry for virtual, onsite instructor led training, or a blended approach of seminars and online labs. It offers partners a variety of solutions that enhance enterprise learning and compliance training experience for learners and administrators. PHONIZE offers solutions to help partners differentiate their business with the most innovative, instant, yet secure media training platform ever. The program is designed to help partners build higher levels of customer satisfaction, market share and profitability.


Phonize is seeking companies whose primary clients will benefit from its e-learning content, media and platform partnership. Phonize partners will provide an indirect sales channel, provide additional content offerings to PHONIZE users, or bundle software with integrated functionality.

The PHONIZE™ PartnerPlus Program Offers the Following

  • Competitive commissions: Partners receive a competitive percentage of any sale of a PHONIZE offering
  • Co-branded Marketing materials and demand generation activities
  • Expert training
  • Lead reports generated by the PHONIZE marketing and sales teams
  • Cooperative business relationship to win contracts and increase sales
  • A simpler, more enjoyable and effective solution to deliver and manage training for your future clients
  • Press release, social announcements, event branding, promotion on the Phonize Website, demand generation activities and more.
  • Partner marketing: the company will endorse and refer partners to current and future clients.
“Our quality managers enjoyed using PHONIZE and I appreciated how time and resource effective it is to offer mobile training to my staff.”

PHONIZE Engages People to Perform at the Top of their Game
PHONIZE offers a patented gamified framework integrated with adaptive learning and recommendation technology to deliver a powerfully personalized effective learning experience with full tracking and proof of examination certifications

Phonize Flash Playbook enables companies to deliver critical training on the fly.

Your Brand, Your Way:
The PHONIZE platform is easy to customize to meet partner and client branding and expert content while simplifying administration with single sign-on for user tracking and billable reporting.

Secure and in the cloud:
PHONIZE offers a single learning management platform to support employees, partners, and customers. It offers a multi-tenant platform with centralized reporting that helps partners lower their implementation and management costs.